Blink FAQs

Why is it called Blink Tea?

We’ve categorized our teas by Bold, Medium and Mild to connect you to the tea you want in a Blink. And in each category, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of taste experiences. All organic, premium teas hand-picked just for you.

Who drinks Blink?

Ideally everyone. Busy, happy people seeking a healthier alternative to the ups and downs of coffee or soda, with added benefit to your waistline. You’re making your education pay, value each and every experience, and are possibly a bit subversive ;)

What kind of teas do you sell?

Blink Tea specializes in premium, organic teas that consider such attributes as region, elevation and harvest date. Like the wine or coffee industry, terms like cultivar and terroir are used in determining taste and aroma profiles. Many of our teas are direct trade, shortening the distance between the tea growers and your cup.

Is Blink social?

Yes, and we’re trying to be a bit different. Bear with us as we try a few content angles. Please let us know what you would like to see:

What are the health benefits of Blink Teas?

Tea is hydrating and calorie free unless you add milk, sugar or other sweeteners. Flavonoids, naturally found in tea, can have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. Tea is not a cure for disease, but it is part of a healthy lifestyle.

How much caffeine is there in your teas?

While caffeine is a naturally occurring substance found in all tea leaves, the amount of caffeine in tea is less than in coffee. Also, caffeine from tea is released over a longer period of time than coffee or soda – no spikes or crashes.

Here is a general rule of thumb for caffeine per tea type, based on a 250ml / 8 oz cup:

Type Caffeine
White Tea 30mg
Green Tea 35mg
Oolong Tea 40mg
Black Tea 45mg
Herbal Tea 0mg
Matcha 60mg

How do I get a great cup of tea every time?


  • bring cold water to the tea’s recommended temperature
  • use the right amount of tea per cup
  • add water to tea – not the other way around
  • steep tea for recommended amount of time

A general steeping guide:

Type Amount Temp Time
White Tea 2.5g / 1tsp 75°C / 170°F 4–5 min
Green Tea 2.5g / 1tsp 75°C / 170°F 1–3 min
Oolong Tea 2.5g / 1tsp 90°C / 195°F 3–5 min
Black Tea 2.5g / 1tsp 95°C / 200°F 3–5 min
Pu’Erh Tea 2.5g / 1tsp 95°C / 200°F 3–5 min
Herbal Tea 2.5g / 1tsp 90°C / 195°F 3–5 min
Matcha* 1.5g / 1⁄2tsp 75°C / 170°F

For Matcha add 1 ounce of hot water and whisk to create consistent level of foam. Top with desired amount of hot water or steamed milk.

Make tea measuring easy with our loose leaf or matcha scoop.

Can tea be re-steeped?

High quality white, green and oolong teas can offer 2 - 3 steepings, whereas black teas and herbals lose more potency after a first steep. Add 1 – 2 minutes for each new steep, and use the leaves only for the day. By the way, tea leaves make great compost!

Are there any allergens in Blink Tea?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that our teas come from certified allergen-free facilities, or have come into contact with allergens in their manufacture or anywhere in the supply process.

Are your teas gluten-free?

While teas are classified as a gluten-free product, please be aware that they do not come from a certified gluten-free facility.

How long does tea stay fresh and how should it be stored?

We suggest consuming Blink Teas and Herbals within two years of purchase to take advantage of their winning taste and aroma. Our re-sealable stand up pouches are perfect for storage. Otherwise, keep tea in a cool, dark place out of direct sunlight.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal and Apple Pay.

How can I hear about new blends, recipes or upcoming events?

Join the Blink Tea mailing list below and we’ll keep you connected. Thanks in advance!

Other questions

For order issues and any other enquiry, please contact us at We’ll get back to you in a Blink.