Three Coffee-Like Tea Options

I love coffee. Sometimes a little too much. As the owner of a tea company, I always have options to take a break from the spikes and crashes of too much caffeine during the day. Realizing that you might not have that luxury, I’ve put together a shortlist of tea options that have a similar oomph as coffee, but with way less caffeine. organic assam tea leaves and steeped cup of teaOrganic Assam Tea                                                                                                              

One option you may wish to try is an Organic Assam tea. Look for a blend that includes black teas from India, Sri Lanka and China. A good Assam tea blend often has a rounder taste profile than an English or Irish Breakfast blend. An Assam tea would be a good option to start your day, with about 45 mg of caffeine per cup compared to the typical 145 mg of caffeine in a cup of coffee. Assam tea takes milk and makes a tasty latte. 

Organc Golden green tea leaves and steeped cup of teaOrganic Golden Green Tea 
For a bit of a different taste, try an Organic Golden Green tea from China. Chinese green teas are roasted during processing, giving the teas a savoury, herbaceous appeal. This translates to a very satisfying mouth feel, much more than leaves in water. It’s very different from coffee but offers the same oomph on your palate. A good quality Chinese green tea has roughly 35 mg of caffeine per cup.
organic hijcha tea leaves and steeped cup of twa 

Organic Hojicha Tea 
Organic Hojicha is a bit of an outlier tea that has similar taste characteristics as coffee, on about a quarter of the caffeine. Hojicha is a Japanese green tea that during processing the leaves are roasted to a dark brown. The resulting tea offers taste notes of coffee, chestnut and caramel. Hojicha has a flavour that mimics a blonde coffee and makes an amazing cold brew or iced tea.

While no one expects you to give up coffee altogether, these teas are great substitutes for a coffee now and again. Each offers a unique taste that is just as satisfying as coffee. And caffeine from tea reacts differently in the body than caffeine from coffee. Caffeine from tea offers a longer period of focus and leaves the body gradually. All the taste without the coffee spikes and crashes!