Cold Tea Idea - Serve it Bottled!

Here's a fun idea the next time you're serving cold tea to your friends. Pre-steep and cool the tea or teas that you plan on serving. Then, pop the teas into their own little bottles for service. We found these cute stopper bottles at a dollar store. We gave them a good wash, and once the bottles were dry we added pre-printed labels with the names of the teas. empty stopper bottles with tea labels You can serve one tea or a variety of teas. We bottled up some Cream of Earl Grey, Organic Lavender Sencha and Blueberry White Peony, but use teas that you think your friends will love! We made sure we had colourful straws, which were also picked up in the same dollar store shopping trip. Oh, and to get the tea into the bottles we used a plastic funnel, which we also picked up at the dollar store ;) 

glasses of steeped organic lavender sencha, blueberry white peony and cream of eary grey teas

If you know your guests like their tea sweetened, just add the sweetener before putting the tea into the bottles. Or, they can squeeze in some honey or agave syrup and give the bottle a good shake. Refreshing and delish!

A couple of options: use a Matcha latte or Masala Chai latte blend. An Earl Grey latte blend would also be really tasty. Just make sure that the teas or latte blends are COLD before you place them in the bottles, as the bottles are not heat proof.

We love this cute and simple idea, and hope you will too!