Post-Workout Tea - Yes!

It’s no secret that post-workout hydration is crucial to proper recovery and endurance. For many that means downing water or a go-to sports drink to replenish electrolytes, fight fatigue or replace glycogen lost during a strenuous workout. For others, unsweetened cherry juice is the quick fix. But did you know that black and green tea can achieve the same, if not better results? jigger running up stairs

Why Tea Works
In a 2010 study, athletes found many benefits from drinking tea after completing intensive sprints. Their bloodwork showed that they had higher antioxidant levels and lower cortisol levels after drinking tea rich in theaflavins, found in black tea. The tea also provided less delayed onset muscle soreness for the athletes.
Green teas provide much the same recovery as black tea. Packed with antioxidants and catechins, a simpler polyphenol than found in black tea, green tea can also help reduce muscle damage caused by exercise. As a bonus, green tea can help speed up fat loss, especially if it’s unsweetened.
Of course, there are other beverages that help with post workout recovery. Chocolate milk has been found to replace essential electrolytes and replace lost glycogen. Coconut water is high in potassium, magnesium and is packed with antioxidants, but comes in a bit low on sodium and can cause stomach upset if drunk too fast.   

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Hot or Cold – It’s Your Choice
For anyone thinking a hot cup of a tea is the last thing they’d want to throw down after a run or HIIT workout, we hear you. Luckily, teas have the same recovery effects whether consumed hot or cold. All the more reason to keep some cold brew ready in the fridge, whether as part of your post-workout or streaming regimen.