Organic Hojicha Tea, Explained

Origins of Organic Hojicha Tea

Organic Hojicha Tea is a Japanese green tea that originated in Kyoto, Japan in the 1920’s. Tea traders had too much green tea at an auction, so they roasted the leaves in hopes of saving precious inventory. By happy accident the tea traders stumbled onto a brand-new tea type, with distinct, brown leaves and coffee-like character. Hojicha tea is to this day grown and processed in Kyoto Japan, where it’s a favourite, and is gaining popularity around the world.Blink Organic Hojicha Tea

How does Organic Hojicha Tea taste?

Roasting the green tea leaves turns them a rich shade of brown. More importantly, it adds subtle sweetness and awakens a caramelized, nutty and toasty flavour profile. The easiest taste comparison is to that of a blonde coffee, at one-fifth the caffeine. The aroma also shares warm, toasty traits, and it looks different in your cup – green tea that’s actually brown. Blink Organic Hojicha Tea Bag

How to enjoy Organic Hojicha tea.

Organic Hojicha tea is steeped at 85 degrees Celsius or 185 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 to 5 minutes. It’s one of the only green teas that can take a dash of milk if you like, but it’s totally not necessary. Hojicha tea also makes an amazing cold brew, where the flavour mimics an iced coffee. Check out our blog post on How to Make Cold Brew Tea.

Blink Organic Hojicha Tea Triptych

The Benefits of Organic Hojicha Tea

Roasting the green tea leaves to create Organic Hojicha does not strip away any of the catechins or antioxidant benefits found in green tea. It simply moves green tea leaves in an entirely new and delicious direction. Organic Hojicha is a tea departure that is low in caffeine and can be enjoyed hot or cold at any time of day!