No-Fail Tea Affogato

It’s no secret that I love affogatos. The simple act of espresso poured over ice cream transports me to a sunny Italian café every time. However, numerous attempts to create an affogato using tea have failed, until now!
There are a couple of simple secrets to making a memorable tea affogato. The first one is to use full fat ice cream whether making an affogato with tea or coffee. Fat carries flavour, and that’s exactly what you want in a treat like this. 

Overhead view of matcha powder, masala chai powder and beetroot powderThe second secret to making a delish tea affogato is to use a powdered tea. Matcha pairs extremely well with vanilla ice cream, or even strawberry. Powdered latte blends like Masala Chai, Earl Grey or Beetroot also create a tea affogato that’s off the charts in terms of taste. Mix up flavours and have fun! 

When creating matcha or a latte blend to pour over your ice cream, you’ll want it nice and thick. The ratio I use is one teaspoon of matcha or latte blend, whisked in one ounce of hot water. Be sure to use the water temperature as suggested for the matcha or latte blends. Simply scoop ice cream into a bowl and pour the matcha or latte blend over the top. La Dolce Vita never tasted so good! 

Couple of extra tips:

  • you can use a Matcha whisk (or chasen) to whisk your latte blends too. Just make sure to give the whisk a good rinse before allowing it to air dry. DO NOT use soap to wash your whisk!
  • if you’re looking for a new ice cream scoop, check out Zeroll. The scoop shape and heat conductive fluid in the handle make for the perfect scoop every time. You’ll thank us!