Unique Green Tea and Treat Ideas

Yes, tea is a wonderful beverage, with aromatics and tastes that are truly transformative. And while tea is often good enough on its own, sometimes the right treat can elevate the experience even more. We've got a couple exotic pairings for green tea that you might want to seek out in your town or city. Mooncakes


Mooncakes are in a word, delicious! Originally from China, mooncakes are synonymous with the Mid-Autumn festival, which is an appreciation of all things lunar. Their rich and sweet taste are the perfect pairing to a robust, herbaceous Organic Golden Green tea or an Organic Dragonwell, one of China's Imperial teas.

Traditional mooncakes are round or square shaped, measuring about 4 inches across. They are filled with red bean or lotus paste and wrapped within a thin pastry crust. And even though they're fairly small, mooncakes are dense and meant to be served in wedges or slices. To gorge on an entire mooncake in one sitting is kind of like having a meal. 

The characters embossed in the pastry usually denote longevity or harmony. Additional script can include the name of the bakery and what's inside. You might also see imprints of the moon, flowers or a rabbit (a symbol of the moon) as further decoration.

Mooncakes are enjoyed throughout the Far East, from Malaysia to Indonesia, Japan to Vietnam, Taiwan and Thailand, each country having its own tasty variation. In Singapore mooncakes are treated as luxury gifts, presented in elaborate boxes with golden clasps and a price tag to match. Mooncakes are a definite "yes" for your tea - treat list!

Mochi on a plate


Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made from short-grain glutinous rice, water, sugar and corn starch. These ingredients are pounded into a paste and molded into shapes as dictated by the recipe in which it is to be used. Mochi has the texture of a dense, wobbly marshmallow and can be used in savoury dishes and sweets.

Sweet mocha treats are a must for Japanese New Year. They are also enjoyed year-round, during Cherry Blossom season and on other celebratory days. Like many delicacies, French macarons as an example, it's all about how a few fairly mundane ingredients are worked to create treats adored by all.

Sweetened red or white bean paste are the most common fillings for mochi treats. One version known as Ichigo Daifuku contains a whole strawberry tucked inside. Ice cream is another favourite filling for these little spherical treats, as are coconut, mango and even green tea. 

If you were to host a bit of a mochi taste fest with friends, a couple of tea options would include a Sencha Kyoto with its bright, linen-crisp finish. Alternatively, an Organic Hojicha with its coffee-like nature also acts as a nice counterpoint between delicious bites.

Mooncakes and Mochi are two examples of treats that pair well with green tea. They've been perfected over the centuries by passionate chefs and creators, who transform every day ingredients into a unique taste experience. They are the perfect excuse to step outside of the box for your next tea and treat moment.