Teas for Father's Day & More Gifts He'll Love!

Yes, fathers drink tea. And in great quantities. And they have their favourites just like moms and the rest of us. We've pulled from Blink Tea data the top five teas men are enjoying in 2023. Some may surprise you, which is a good thing if you're scrambling for a healthy and delicious gift for the dad or father figure in your life:

Blink Organic Roasted Iron Goddess Tea #1 Organic Roasted Iron Goddess: this long, or dark oolong strikes a perfect balance between green and black teas. Chestnut, baked pear and granola offer a taste line-up like players on a favourite sports team. 
Blink Organic sakura Rose tea leaves #2 Organic Sakura Rosewe're just as surprised as you! This tea is kinda like a unisex fragrance. The roasted green tea offers a robust backdrop to the rose, cherry and peach botanicals. A tasty and fragrant surprise you both will love. 
Blink Cacao Pu'Erh Tea #3 Cacao Pu'Erha fine-aged pu'erh - a rich and earthy taste with a touch of cacao. Think of it as a digestif - a calvados or armagnac after a fine meal. In fact, this tea is the perfect choice to infuse bourbon or whisky. Gives either an incredible lift.  
Blink Vanilla Almond Rooibos Tea #4 Vanilla Almond Rooibosrooibos, or red bush, is an herbal tea from South Africa. It's known for its warmth of taste and high antioxidant qualities. Almonds and amandine give this caffeine free herbal an amaretto-like quality. 
Blink Organic Lapsang Souchong Tea #5 Organic Lapsang Souchonga fireplace in a cup. This black tea gets its smoky flavour from the tea leaves being dried over pinewood embers. Like all Blink Teas, it's highly versatile. Try it in your favourite BBQ rub recipe.   

A Few More Popular Father's Day Gift Ideas!

Kinto Travel Tumbler in Khaki

Kinto Travel Tumbler

Kinto makes the ultimate travel tumbler. The quality of construction, versatility and even hand feel are hard to beat. You'll know once you hold one in your hand. These are available in two sizes (350 mL & 500 mL) and three colours: khaki, white and black. In a pinch this travel tumbler makes an amazing cocktail shaker!

Hario Filter-in Cold Brew BottleHario Filter-In Cold Brew Bottle 

Making cold brew tea is easy and stylish with the Hario Filter-in Cold Brew Bottle. Drop in your tea leaves, ad water and steep. Once done take the bottle right to the dining table and enjoy! Clean up is easy too - no fuss, no muss, like any dad would have it! 

Kinto UNITEA Teapot

Kinto UNITEA Teapot 

This handsome Kinto UNITEA Teapot fits into any man cave style. It comes in small and large and has the strainer built right into the lid. It's easy clean and to care for as well. What better gift idea?!