Steeping Sustainably

The good news is that it’s easy to respect the environment when steeping tea. Even the most elaborate or ancient tea ceremonies use accessories that you keep, some of which are passed down generations. We use teapots and kettles, mugs, spoons – all washed and put back into the cupboard for next time. Pretty obvious.
It’s the items that come in direct contact with the tea leaves that require a bit of thought. Tea filters, pyramid bags and tea infusers are offered in endless shapes and sizes and are made from a variety of materials. Here’s a handy guide to finding what you need and being kind to the environment. tea filters

It’s easier than ever to find tea filters that are made of unbleached paper. However, there are a couple of things to watch out for. Even though the paper is unbleached, make sure that it’s compostable. It should say so right on the package. The tea tag should be compostable too.

tea pyramid and cup

When you think of it, tea pyramids are an accessory. Look for pyramids that are plant-based, with no micro-plastics. They’re miles healthier for you and the planet. Blink Tea pyramids are made from a corn starch compound and are completely biodegradable, along with the tea tag.

folding handle tea infuser

We’ve found that the best material for a tea infuser is the relatively recent stainless-steel mesh. It allows the water to flow freely over the leaves. A basket measuring roughly 3” x 3” will fit almost any cup. Make sure the infuser handle is about 5” wide to fit over the cup or mug.  

Happy sipping!