Organic Chamomile Lemongrass Latte

I love lattes, and as I have said time and again, you can make lattes using any tea or herbal. The only teas you want to stay away from when making lattes are expensive Imperial teas, or a fine Darjeeling. These teas have been crafted over centuries to be enjoyed on their own, and to whisk you into unadulterated bliss. But for every other tea or herbal, let the good tastes roll!
The Organic Chamomile Lemongrass latte can be enjoyed at any time of day but is particularly enjoyable in the evening. It’s got chamomile and milk, both of which are tailor made to steer you toward delightful slumber. But what really drives the taste of the Organic Chamomile Lemongrass latte is the addition of lemongrass. It gives this latte a touch of brightness without exciting the senses. This latte is easy to make, and we guarantee you’ll love it as much as you love your cat.
And lastly, lattes are a great way to help steer you away from other snacks. They have just enough mouth feel and heft to leave your tummy and tastebuds feeling satisfied. You heard it here, folks! Organic Chamomile Lemongrass Tea and Toasted Shredded CoconutChamomile and Coconut, Together at Last!

Ingredients: (for one delicious 12-ounce latte)
- 2 tsp loose-leaf or sachets of Organic Chamomile Lemongrass tea
- 1 cup of freshly boiled water
- 1 tbsp honey
- ¾ tsp vanilla extract
- ½ cup whole milk
- 2 tsp toasted shredded coconut
- Steep tea in freshly boiled water for five minutes, covered. We use a temperature-controlled kettle and steep the tea at 90˙ Celsius (195˙ Fahrenheit) because we’re adding hot milk.
- While tea is steeping, heat milk and vanilla.
- When tea is done steeping strain the tea leaves or remove the tea sachets, add honey, and stir until dissolved. Never squeeze the tea bags or leaves, as it adds bitterness to the tea.
- Froth the milk and vanilla mixture with handheld or electric frother. We use whole milk to guarantee a luscious and thick froth, but you can use plant-based milks too.
- Pour tea into mug and add frothed milk.
- Sprinkle toasted coconut on top, or drizzle more honey instead or the coconut. Enjoy!