One Tea - So Many Ways!

We humans are definitely creatures of habit. But sometimes it’s nice to break out of our routine. Even one small change can open up a world of taste experiences, especially for tea.  

Organic Golden Green Iced Tea


3 Ways to Use Green Tea

Almost any good quality tea or herbal can be enjoyed in a surprising number of ways. Take Organic Golden Green for example. You can sip it hot, taking in the vegetal, grassy and savoury notes. Green teas are high in antioxidants and are a smart swap for sugary drinks if you go light on the sweetener.

The very same Golden Green tea can be used to make iced tea, or even a cold brew. Cold teas are incredibly refreshing and allow you to add different types of garnishes. Even better, when you create an iced tea or cold brew you don’t lose any of the tea’s taste or antioxidant benefits. And when you make the iced tea or cold brew yourself, you dictate the amount of honey or sugar.   Organic Golden Green Tea Chicken Soup

Now that we’ve covered the simple stuff, let’s take things up a notch. Did you know that teas can be used in cooking and baking? In this Green Tea Chicken Soup, the tea plays a tasty substitute for chicken broth, which can often be high in sodium. That one little change can create a whole new dish that you become known for!

This Green Tea shout out is just one example of how teas and herbals can be enjoyed in more ways than you think. And, we haven’t even gotten into smoothies, slushies, lattes, popsicles or infusions for cocktails. So, when you’re picking your favourite tea or maybe stepping out of your comfort zone, consider the versatility and value in that one, single product.