New: Earl Grey Latte Blend

A lot of people love Earl Grey Lattes. They faithfully steep Cream of Earl Grey tea, and while that’s happening, they warm up some milk, combine the two and add sweetener if they like. But now, there’s a new way to make tea lattes that will bring you one step closer to how your favourite barista does it, by using Latte Blends. Earl Grey latte blend powder

How to Use Earl Grey Latte Blend

Latte blends are superfine, micro-ground versions of your favourite teas. You simply add a teaspoon or so into your mug, add an ounce of hot water and give it a good whisk or stir to break up any clumps. Then all you have to do to is top up this mixture with steamed milk of your choice. It can be dairy or plant-based. It’s that easy!

overhead shot of earl grey lattes and latte powder

 How Earl Grey Latte Tastes

A good Earl Grey Latte Blend has the same taste and aroma characteristics of its loose-leaf cousin. The bergamot, malt and fall leaves tasting notes excite your nose and palate as you take your first sip. The advantage of a Latte Blend is similar to Matcha, in that you are consuming the tea leaf itself, along with all of its benefits.

A good rule of thumb when choosing a Latte Blend, whether it’s Earl Grey or another favourite flavour, is to choose something with no additives. Try a latte blend once, and you’ll be hooked by the convenience and the taste!