Masala Chai Tea Vs. Latte Blend - What's the Difference?

You might think that a loose-leaf tea and a latte version of that same tea are similar, but they're not. Take Masala Chai for example. Organic Masala Chai has a personality all its own. It's a robust, exotic blend of Assam tea, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and other spices as traditionally steeped with milk on the streets of India. organic masala chai leaf and liquor Masala Chai loose-leaf tea, when steeped, extracts the most flavour and aroma from every last spice that goes into the blend and mingles with the Assam tea. The loose-leaf version is also able to be customized more to your taste. You can add any type of milk or sweetener that you like to make it your own. Hint: try maple syrup as a sweetener in Masala Chai tea - you'll thank us ;)masala chai latte blend powder and liquorAs for Masala Chai Latte Blend, it's a bit of a taste departure. Latte Blend is a ground version of the tea itself, meaning that the loose-leaf tea and spices are ground into a superfine powder. To prepare, the latte blend powder is dissolved in a splash of hot water, and topped with steamed milk of your choice.

The milk adds smoothness to the spicy mix, and you can almost taste a touch of sweetness even though Masala Chai Latte Blend has no sugar. In fact this blend has no additives at all. It's just the tea leaves and spices in a micro-ground form, ready to be used in lattes, smoothies and even baking.

So, to answer the question whether Organic Masala Chai tea and Masala Chai latte blend are the same thing, they kind of are and they kind of aren't. The loose-leaf tea is an authentic drink that you can customize as you like. The latte blend presents authenticity in a more modern context, adding layers of creaminess and convenience. They are similar, yet different approaches to the Masala Chai mystique.