Cheap and Cheerful Tea Storage

You’ve just ripped open an order of your favourite tea and you want to store it in a way that gives it the reverence it deserves. While most teas are packaged in light proof pouches, tins or boxes, some of us like to up the aesthetic ante. We’ve come up with options to upcycle items and use what’s hiding at the back of your cupboard, pining for attention. Hopefully some of these ideas will bring a satisfying smile when you steep your next cup. candy tin with tea pyramids and cup of tea

Souvenir Candy and Cookie Tins       
It’s the perfect combo – great tea and a happy memory! That little tin of candies or cookies you picked up on a trip can easily be upcycled to store your favourite tea. Most tins that store food products are food safe already and the lids offer a good seal. Just make sure to give the tin a good clean and you’re all set. And you can bet no one else has anything like it!

nantucket decorative basket and steeping tea

Vacation Impulse Buy
I’m sure we’ve all made an impulse holiday purchase, and here’s one of mine. This little beauty was picked up in Nantucket because I was struck by the geometry of the basket weave – that’s it. I loved it as much as my credit card company loved me buying it, but when I got it home it was like, what now? Well, this little basket has become the perfect storage container for pyramid or loose-leaf teas. Phew!

candle container filled with loose-leaf tea and tea scoop

Candle Containers
Hands up if you’ve ever bought a candle for the gorgeous container! Many candle containers are made of glass or ceramic and are easy to clean once the candle is gone. Something with a screw lid helps keep your tea safe and sound. If it’s glass like the one in the picture, best to keep it and the tea inside out of the sunlight or in a cupboard. But c’mon – how stunning!

dollar store jar with loose-leaf tea and cup of brewed tea

Dollar Store Treasures
The trick is to find something that works with your aesthetic, and that’s the fun of the dollar store hunt. Little canisters are often made for a multitude of uses and as such are easy to keep clean. Look for something with a tight-fitting lid to keep the air out, and if it’s made of glass keep it and your tea out of direct sunlight. Best two-bucks we’ve ever spent!

glass jar with organic golden turmeric tea and turmeric latte

A.O.J. - Any Old Jar
Sometimes I come across a jar that I just don’t want to throw out. It’s the size or the shape or the lid that I find attractive, and I just know that once I peel off the original label that I’ve got a winner. Give it a good clean, make sure there are no rust spots or scent of what the jar once held. Then it’s yours to store tea or whatever else your heart desires. And, it’s free!

blink tea canister and cup of tea

Tea Canisters
We’re definitely tooting our own horn here, but we searched high and low for a tea canister that’s simple, easy to care for and that works in any décor. The Blink Tea Canister is food safe, has a tight-fitting lid and fits almost any-sized hand. We offer them plain or we can label it with the tea that you wish to store inside, steeping instructions and all.

So there you have it. Some great ways to repurpose or upcycle items in which to store your tea. One look through your cupboards and you might find something that will bring back memories of a friendly smile, a sunny day, an exotic locale or thrill of a dollar store find. What better proof that both beauty and function are in the eye of the savvy beholder!