Caring for your Matcha Whisk

When you take a beat and look at your Matcha Whisk (Chasen) it becomes obvious that it’s as much a piece of art as the Matcha you’re creating with it. The delicate uniformity of the fronds contrasted by the sturdy handle and its lightness makes you appreciate the skill needed to hand craft each of these little gems. Even more reason to understand how to best use and care for this little piece of loveliness, so you won’t be constantly replacing it. We’ve got some no-fail tips.matcha bowl with matcha powder and whiskWhere There's a Whisk, There's a Way

  • Before using your new Matcha Whisk, season it with a soak. Simply fill your matcha bowl (chawan) or any other small bowl with warm water and allow the whisk to bask in the water for a half minute or so. This gives the centre and outer curls of the whisk a chance to unfurl, which is a good thing.

  • A good froth on a verdant bowl of Matcha is integral to its enjoyment. But it’s how you whisk that makes a world of difference to the Matcha and the whisk. Suspend the whisk in the bowl of Matcha while you’re whisking, taking care not to scrape the bottom or sides of the bowl. It helps to build a better foam and avoids damaging the whisk fronds.

  • Cleaning a whisk is easy and it’s a great way to do two things at once. When finished your Matcha, rinse the bowl, and fill it with warm water. Then simply whisk the warm water as you just whisked your Matcha, taking care not to scrape the bottom or sides of the bowl. Done and done!

matcha whisk and holderMatcha Whisk and Holder

  • The best way to dry your whisk is to insert it onto a matcha whisk holder. These can usually be found in the very same place you buy your whisk. The whisk sits upside down on the holder with the inner whisk fronds tucked inside and the wispier fronds spread around the outside. The holder helps the fronds to dry more quickly and keeps the whisk in tip top shape.

As you’re probably aware, Matcha whisks are delicate and they’re not inexpensive. Follow these simple care tips and your whisk will make you many more rich and healthy bowls of Matcha than you could have imagined!