Blueberry Prosecco Spritzer

Tea makes great cocktails. And the Blueberry Prosecco Spritzer is in a word – exceptional! This easy – and we mean it – spritz is a quick mix of Blueberry White Peony tea, a splish of pomegranate juice and a splash of Prosecco. A popular summer drink is not about how many ingredients you can cram into a glass. It’s about their quality and the right proportions. Tweak the ingredients as you wish, but you’ve got the basics for a summer refresher that’s the bomb. Don’t forget the garnish! 
quadrant or blueberry white peony tea, pomegranate juice, bottle of prosecco and cut orangesA Few Simple Ingredients! 


Ingredients: for one drink
- 4 ounces steeped and cooled Blueberry White Peony tea
- 2 ounces pomegranate juice
- 2 ounces prosecco
- ice
- orange slice for garnish
Blueberry Prosecco Spritzer


- Steep tea strong, 2 tsp of tea per each 8-ounce cup, and cool tea. This will account for dilution from ice.
- To prepare drink, fill wine goblet with ice.
- Fill glass halfway with cold Blueberry White Peony tea, about 4-ounces.
- Add 2 ounces pomegranate juice.
- Top with chilled Prosecco and garnish with an orange slice.