Blink Tea Partner Spotlight - Bellwoods Brewery

Bellwoods Brewery launched as a small brewpub in an old artist gallery space on a yet-to-be-discovered street in Toronto’s west end in 2012. Co-founders Mike Clark and Luke Pestl’s brewing acumen and passion led them to modern, experimental beers that quickly found a devoted fanbase. Fast forward and the street has since evolved into a dining destination, with Bellwoods Brewery and their clever IPAs and other blends making them one of Canada’s most renowned craft beer producers. bellwoods brewery interiorImages Courtesy: Bellwoods Brewery & GoodBeerHunting.com

With blends like Jelly King, that leads with pineapple and tangerine and finishes with a tang of grapefruit or Donkey Venom, with its mashup of tart berries, black forest cake and subtle caramel, it’s clear that there is a slice of the beer market thirsting for tastes that stand apart from a garden variety lager or ale. Where Bellwoods Brewery really shines is in identifying the blends that land outside of the box, while holding true to brewing principles. This same approach has led to clever collaborations with the likes of coffee companies and developing non-alcoholic sparkly waterBlink Tea pyramid boxes

Which leads us full circle to the Bellwoods Brewery brewpub, which is at once a laboratory for brew-genuity and a gathering place for avid fans. During COVID, manager Laska and her team pivoted the brewpub into a market that offers items that speak to their fans’ lifestyle. Blink Tea is proud to share this wanna-stay cozy space with small leather goods, bar and kitchen accessories, home goods and curated books. Bellwoods brewery pink boots society

As much as it is about striving for new experiences, for Bellwoods Brewery it’s also about giving back to the community. They’ve created special beers, the proceeds of which help encourage women to advance in the beverage industry. They’re involved with a sistering agency for at-risk women and trans people in Toronto and have helped the NIA Centre for the Arts fundraise for a new facility. Bellwoods Brewery is a rare example of a company built on the pillars of passion and ingenuity, with an inclusiveness and authenticity shared with their many fans.