Apple Pie & Coffee Rethink

Our taste buds need a jump-start now and then. Apple-based desserts with pastry – pies, strudels, tarts are a perfect starting place. Their familiar pairing with coffee or milk comes at the expense of other taste tempting combos. Did someone say healthy, calorie-free green or oolong tea?
Apple pie with all its cinnamon and sugar, pairs perfectly with green tea. Look for a tea that’s robust, with a bit of heft to bring out the apple and cut some of the sweetness. Green tea is typically enjoyed without milk, so it’s also calorie and guilt free.

Jasmine and Apple Strudel

If your guilty pleasure has less apple and more pastry like a strudel or tart, try a green tea with personality. Imperial Jasmine has an unmistakable bouquet and delicate taste that doesn’t overpower. Its exotic notes enhance any indulgent timeout.   

Milk Oolong Tea

Step even further outside of the box with Milk Oolong, which gets its name from tasting like your tea already has milk in it. This special tea adds fragrant hints of orchid and apple that jibe nicely with any fruit-based dessert. 

Nothing wrong with maintaining the apple pie + coffee or apple pie + milk status quo. But there are some healthy, fun and calorie free options like green tea or an exotic oolong for a taste of something different. They may become your new normal.